What Patients and Their Families Say About Us

“No other method has made me clear anywhere near as much as chest PT.”
-Patient for 3 years

“Our son has received home therapy since he was 6 months old. He has remained very healthy and had his first hospitalization at age 14.”
-Mother of a 15 year old CF patient

“Chest PT Services is life-changing. I enjoy the personalized care I get from my therapist and the reassurance on how my breathing is and what I can do to improve it, plus I don’t have to worry about going to an office and getting sick and/or getting other CF patients sick.”
-Patient for 16 years with CF

“There is nothing like the percussion that CPT gives. I feel like I get more up and out with CPT. Plus, I love that my therapist comes to my house because it is more comfortable for me and my kids are also learning how to perform CPT when she is here.”
-Patient for 1 year


“Manual chest PT has been the most effective and consistent in terms of clearing mucus. When I moved to another state, I used another form of airway clearance, but it did not help so I moved back to MA to have chest PT again.”
-Patient for 20 years with CF

“Our therapist is so flexible with our schedule and she can even pick up a few extra days before they start sounding sick. We would NEVER give up our therapist!”
-Parent of 2 teens who have received CPT for 12 years


“We consider CPT to be the gold standard of airways clearance. It is effective AND has a high compliance rate. Plus, it gives parents a break from all of the other things we take care of and provides another person to help monitor changes in our son’s health.”
-Mother of a 15 year old CF patient

“Regular home CPT has kept me healthy and has cut down on my hospital admissions. Having home PT allows me to control who comes into my environment. Many times I am tired. Home PT means I don’t have to go out and get help. It also gives me privacy when I have treatment, and helps me to be relaxed and comfortable when I am coughing up a lot of mucus.”
-Patient for 26 years with CF